Why Do You Want To Work In Call Center? How to Answer?

Do you know that “Why do you want to work in a call centre?” is one of the simple but tricky questions. It is simple in fact that you didn’t notice your answer could be wrong.

Here are common mistakes applicants do:


A) “I want to work in a call centre because I want to improve my English and communication skills.”

On your curriculum vitae and on tell me about yourself interview question. The interviewer already knows that you are inexperienced or with experience in the Call Center Industry.

So what’s wrong? English and Communication are taught in school and basically, you should have improved your skills before applying in the said industry. It is not an on-the-job training but we are talking about is your regular employment.

B) “It’s because I love talking to customers”

Yeah, unless you have your own sari-sari store and you really like listening to a gossip. Who would wanna talk with a rude, irate and cursing customer? Even if you really do, probably this answer won’t fly unless you really have a dependable source.

C) “To avoid traffic going to work”

This could be a good answer but again the call centre industry is a shifting schedule. There are work schedules at night and in the morning. Again you should be leaving early to anticipate traffic at any time of the day.


D) “We all want to work because of Money”

Being honest is the best although you would be in a situation either you can impress the interviewer or annoy them by pretending. To properly say this you can use the option in the later part of this article.

Let’s discuss some call centre practices that attract the unemployed sector:

A) No discrimination – The LGBT community is warmly accepted even if you are a crossdresser. They do not discriminate the oldies but goodies as long as they could deliver. Even if you are a PWD and could deliver then why not?

B) Accepts with or without a college diploma – most of us are not eligible to graduate in college so here is your chance to study while working at night. However, Sadly for some, they no longer want to finish college since they are already receiving a good pay.

C) Higher Pay – Even before the offer of the BPO industry is above that of a normal day job. On top of that, you’ll get also a 20% night differential and a non-taxable allowance.

D) Open Door Policy – You can raise any concern to a top-level manager even not asking for a scheduled meeting. As long as he/she is free then she can accommodate any time.

E) Wider Options for Dress-Code – Most BPO doesn’t practice formal dress code. You can actually wear whatever is comfortable for you as long as it is accepted within the dress code options. For example, wearing sandals is accepted but not slippers.

F) Rewards and Recognition – Since BPO usually relies on data as long as you are productive and hitting the right stats soon you’ll be recognized for it.

G) Career Growth – In the BPO, there is always an opening since the team usually grew and some officers are resigning.


Knowing all these practices: do you now know why you really want to work in the BPO industry? Below is a better way to answer this question.

Inform your interviewer that you are really interested and that you have the initiative. This is also your chance to highlight your skill and take over the conversation by starting with:

“I did a research online and I learned that” and,  “I asked my friend who worked for …”

“I can assure you that I can a –” and  “At the end of the day,”

All interviewer know that taking responsibility for the family is one of the reasons why we are looking for work but take a look closely at the question. It says “Why Do You Want To Work In Call Center?” Below is a list of our suggested answers.

“I did a research and I found out that the Call Center have wider options in dress-code. Although I like to wear jeans I can assure you that the quality and my productivity won’t be affected by what I wear.”

“I asked my friend who worked for this company and I become interested in finding out that there is always an opening for career growth. At the end of the day, it is not just for the salary why we are working but to step up in our career. ”

Do you agree with our technique? If not kindly comment below.

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