Freelancing on Social Media


You can use the social media to boost your Personal Freelance Profile.

If you are starting as a freelancer you won’t know that there are a lot of communities available in Social Media. As a freelancer you need to build your own network and when I say network these are possible clients or people that could refer you to a client.

Here are 5 social media platform that can help you land your Freelance JOB!

1. Upwork.Com – is previously Elance and Odesk. It is a global platform where business/company and individual professional meet. Upwork.Com allows clients to perform an interview with freelancer and provide jobs for freelancers through its platform.

Getting Started: Although joining is free, It is important to create an outstanding profile. Search for Jobs you can do and then submit your profile and your proposal to the client. Lastly, prepare yourself for an interview.

2. Facebook.Com – Yes I said facebook but don’t be confused we all need is the experts in freelancing. There are pages on Facebook such as ours who help those aspiring freelancers. Also, there are groups in facebook who help each other experts and beginners.

Getting Started: We know facebook profile is free however you need to differentiate your own professional profile to your friendly Facebook account. Search for FB pages/groups about freelancing and learn from the experts. Some companies use Facebook for recruitment for Online Teaching, Virtual Assistant Etc.

3. Freelancer.Com – A platform specialized in crowdsourcing same with Upwork it is an area where client posts their requirement and freelancer to take tasks.

Getting Started: It is free for the first month and premium starts on the following month. You also need to create an outstanding profile on your website. C. Search for jobs you can do and submit your profile and your proposal to the client. Lastly, prepare yourself if ever get hired.

4. LinkedIn .Com– It is a social media that operates both in the website and mobile apps. It is designed for to create your professional profile and connect with entrepreneurs, employees and employers. A platform same with facebook but a little complicated. BTW facebook and LinkedIn offer freelance community/group for free.

Getting Started: Same goes with here joining is for free. It is important to create a professional profile with your experiences. Connect with companies with the same field you’d like to work on. Get referral skills from people you connect with. Join Groups of Freelancer then apply if there are jobs suited to your skills.

5. Raket.PH – If you want to work with LOCAL companies who offer freelance work. You may want to check this website They claim to be a search engine for Filipino Freelancers they connect with people around and even face to face. Jobs such as Photographers, Make-Up Artist, Event Organizers, Tutors and More.

Getting Started: It is also free to join It is important to create an outstanding profile and search for jobs you can do as well. Submit your application and prepare for an interview.

Freelancing can be lonely but when you connect with thousands of lonely freelancers out there. You can learn, You can ask and Maybe You can be their mentor. Whatever you do there is always a community available for you.

Just always remember in freelancing there is always a way.

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