How to Become a Freelancer?

First thing is to remember that is there is ALWAYS a WAY! to become a freelancer.

For example, not all freelancer have a computer or sadly is they do not have any internet connection, some of us only use a mobile phone or worst is that they only do freelance by a small network at home through a word of mouth but again there is always a way!

Second is know your EXPERIENCE and your SKILLS. Your experiences moulded your skills that might be fit for a work at the home task.

For example, your experience is a finance employee doing reports and analysis and it is obvious that you could land to a data analysis or financial analysis JOB online. Also, there are some tests online to know your skills but these tests are just there to help you.

You can identify your skills or skills that you are strong at- all by yourself or ask your previous colleagues, supervisors or managers or friends and relatives. You can say you are good at communication skill but some might think differently and please do not get affected and accept the feedback and learn more.

The third is that Learn to become a freelancer. You cannot just get out of your current JOB and think freelance is just an easy opportunity. When you say freelance there is another word after that and it is called “Working”. Know what you need to prepare before you quit your job

Fourth is to CREATE YOUR NETWORK., You should contact most of your Friends, Previous Colleagues, Relatives (abroad and local) and people you think within the community of your talent and skills. 5 to 20% of these people might ask you to create something for them for a small fee. You can start doing so to gain experience, get new contacts and be referred.

Fifth is to CREATE YOUR OWN BRAND, whether you are Web Developer, Online Teacher, Real Estate Sales Agent, Freelance Writer and Virtual desk Assistant. You really need to establish your own brand via Social Media, Events, Seminars and any other ways you can.

For Social Media, there are professional sites like LinkedIn or Freelance Site such as Upwork (previously Elance and Odesk). It is where you can have your own profile with your experiences and later connect with small to big businesses/companies.

You may also join groups on Facebook to start answering questions that you are good at. Some members may notice your presence and could help you land a freelance job.

In Events and Seminars please make sure you have your calling card handy and for god sake start shaking hands. I suggest your calling card have your contact details and services you will provide to them.

Sixth is to WRITE DOWN YOUR PLAN, like in any other businesses there is a PLAN. for me being a freelancer is also having your own business wherever you are.

Remember when creating a PLAN you always know your goal in Mind. When you visualized your things to do at the end of it is your Goal. Same with the business plan you also need to forecast your expenses either short-term or long-term expenses.

You may also use this reason to grow your network ask people who are in the same field as yours. You may ask how much are they charging or do a research how much your services in other firm or where to get clients. By doing the research you now have the opportunity to know more about your competitors.

These are easy to follow steps to guide you and lessen the risk you’ll take in the future.

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