Making an Outstanding Freelance Profile


Your Outstanding Profile is your powerful tool in attracting higher paying projects.

Below are some of the tips to enhance your profile and make sure your experience and expertise are highlighted this will open a lot of opportunities.

1 Upload a high-quality professional photo that is centred and focuses. Your photo should say a lot about you-you may dress to impress and smile with your heart content.

2 Some freelancers create a mistake in the title section it may seem so simple but a client sees your profile it is the first thing they will see. These sections can have an impact on whether a client continues looking at your profile and considering you for the project.

Put your goal in mind put keywords that align with your goal professionally.

The more specific/precise you can have in your title most likely would be th3e jobs that employers might pick for you. Do not include all of your known skills your profile might be in different categories and you are not even sure if you can work in those categories.

3 On your overview section; you can add here anything that you can do for the client but wait you need to ensure that you made an expression as this will be your pitch.You may want to consider checking what expertise you can bring to your client.

What type of work do you want to and what industry you want to work in? Also, you may want to add what programs did you used before lastly add your work accomplishments that you are really proud of.

One piece of advice is, be honest about what information you provide at your interview. You do not wish to create new stories and would result in a disaster.

Only the first two to three sentences would be visible in the research either LinkedIn or Upwork. You may want to grab the reader’s attention and highlight your expertise/skill/talent right away.

4 Having a video could be a stand out when creating your profile. In LinkedIn, I don’t see any area where you can add video to your profile but you can add video to your feeds. Most freelancers skip this step which means this is where you stand out. Your introduction video will make an impression on employers.

5 Since skills are really the key to end up getting hired. You may want to focus on the skills that are most relevant to your category and the projects that you will submit your proposal. You may want to list down those skills and make sure that the very relevant skill is on the TOP.

Know your experience and your skill. Some client validate that information if you have the right skill for the project.

6 You may include your work in the portfolio section. You can add some photo edited from photoshop, the logo created for the client, data analysis that you’ve done but please ensure that you still uphold to secure your old client confidential information.

7 At the certification area, you can add those you’ve earned from taking exams, attending seminars or other certification giving body. The certification must be related to your category but if it is something that could enhance your skill such as communication or written or secondary language. You may want to add it as some clients specifically look for these.

8 Job experience will give your client an insight into your past projects and qualification. Create a detailed work experience and focus on the keywords that may fit the jobs you want. It could be a skill that you attained or achievements that you want to highlight or illustrate a specific expertise.

9 Your educational background could enhance your profile. Some clients validate credentials and do background checks. In case you do not have any formal education, I suggest to include a self-taught education through the following:

Online Education – give a link to these websites. Youtube – please ensure that the links you provide are for learning. Udemy – an online website with thousands of free online courses. Tesda is an agency in the Philippines who provide online courses and certificates.

Update your profile every other project to add new experience and add more content that will qualify you to work on another project.

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