Top 10 Freelancer Job

There is a long list of work at home jobs for you to apply. Most of them are complicated and you need to either learn a specific skill set for you to get hired.

I’ve listed 10 Freelancer Job that may suit your knowledge and skills.

#1 English Online Teaching/Tutorial – Since English is one of the best way to communicate with foreign countries and to those people who are travelling around the world. You need to meet these requirements: stable wired internet connection, a noise cancelling headphone, a video-sharing app, and a computer.

It’s not easy but you should start with your communication and teaching skills. Communicating with a different country would be a struggle because of their culture. Below are some ways to communicate well.

– You need to know when to be friendly and professional to your students.
– Give your 100% of your attention to your student.
– Accommodate most of your student’s question at the best of your knowledge. (search online if necessary)
– Lead the conversation as much as possible.
– Reveal some personal information about your self or an event happened recently but not too much.
– Be in a Relaxed State wherein you eliminate sign of tension and anxiety.

#2 Freelance Writer – know your strength and weaknesses. As a writer, you do not wish to be paid less. Know where you are good at and become an expert on what you do. Being an expert on something could give you an edge versus experienced writers. For example, a technology company would not hire a general writer but a someone who know about their product.

You need to have a portfolio of articles you’ve written so far. You need to have a website or blog where you can provide your sample articles and a domain under your name.

#3 Blogger and YouTube – Unlike with freelance writing here you can actually write or take video on what you are passionate about. Just remember to be consistent in your BLOG or your YouTube channel because it would take time before this advertisers notice your website/blog.

#4 Website Design and Maintenance – You can do this as long as you are willing to commit time to learn. Although I am teaching you some basics on creating your own domains and website design you should understand that you do not need a lot of money to start a website and if you do not know how to code then that is not a problem.You can create websites for small businesses and earn a monthly income for website maintenance and add more features on the website.

#5 Virtual Assistant – Executives or Business Owners would love to have their own VA freelancers because they want to manage time. If you can organize, schedule a meeting, answer emails and answer calls and making travel arrangements.Same with Online Teaching you need to work on with your communication skills and a strong internet connection is required along with communication app or video sharing app.

# 6 Social Media Community Manager – If your life revolves around social media then this Job as a freelancer could be the best for you. Customer Service is a vital skill in handling company/brand/celebrity social media. Also, you need to learn some basics in social media such as hashtags, no. of likes and shares, re-tweets, pins, plus and etc.

Here are your possible tasks as social media/community manager.

You need to write and schedule your post.
Run Ads for Facebook Pages or LinkedIn Posts.
You need to reply to your customers.
Possible to create reports and data analysis.
Your responsibility as a social media manager or community manager will most likely depend on your job description, time, budget and expertise.

#7 SEO Specialist/Strategist – there are lots of information over the web about being an SEO Specialist but still, you are confused on what they do.Basically, the job of SEO specialist is to make your website show up at the top of the search engine results. By doing so they will make your website visible to customers who need your product or services.

You will gain more audience who’ll be interested in your product. SEO specialist will add content that includes specific keywords or phrases, rewriting your website tagging, fixing structural issues, getting quality inbound links, they will also test your website layouts and trying different techniques in marketing and advertising.An SEO specialist needs to know the following:

Web Design and Development
Web Analytics
Social Media
Marketing Strategy

Business Model

#8 Online Seller/Marketing- There are lots of websites out there where you can sign up and start selling your items. The best way is also to sell your item to a filtered group in social media if you are selling somewhere in Manila you should choose Manila Buy and Sell.Here are some things you need to know when selling Online.

A. Bank Account / Remittance Center. (This is where they will pay you for the product they bought) B. Shipping / Delivery Fee. (Do not forget to charge the customer) C. Trusted Courier. (Ensure you have a trusted courier with tracking number) D. Social Media Accounts. (You can advertise your product either for Free or Paid Services) E. Websites (selling platform) (You can create an account and post your items for sale for free)

#9 Photographer- This is the most expensive freelance work I know. First, you need to invest in photography courses and you need to buy a camera, lens, lighting, and others. You can also sell photos online through different platforms.

#10 Make-Up Artist- This freelancing also needs to invest in learning how to do makeup and also need to buy foundation, lipsticks, blush on, lighting, makeup kits, and other necessary items.

Whatever tasks you’ll do remember to put your goal in mind. Think about the perks/benefits you’ll have. You may now start freelancing.

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