10 perks / benefits of working as Freelancer

10 Perks / Benefits Working as Freelance is a contrary to my previous article “things you need to know about freelancing”. Even though there is a word “working” after freelance there are benefits and perks into it. As a freelancer, you don’t need to report daily to work.

You have the freedom to choose the type of work you will do. It also depends on you what time you’ll start working and how long you’ll be doing it and where you’ll do it.

1. Travel Time to Work – In Manila traffic is really heavy especially rush hours. You need to travel early before going to work or travel late because you don’t want to be stuck in traffic. I really do not know why these applicants/employees want to work far from their place. As a freelancer your perks is to work anywhere you like. It is also a key advantage of being productive. A study also shows that those people who travel more to work are most people who are stressed and sometimes become depressed.

2. Who is your BOSS? – As a freelancer most of the time you are the BOSS unless specified by the client to report to them. Working on a desk job with an unruly/unprofessional/rude boss is stressful and unproductive. The guidance to your work will be done no other than you.


3. Workload – One benefit is to choose the tasks/jobs you need to do in a day. You can actually say when enough is enough. For example, you are an online teacher you can open your schedule from 5 pm to 7 pm for 4 clients a day. If you feel there is a need then add more hours. If you feel that it is enough then you just close the window hour or cancel the scheduled time.

4.  Less Risk for Accident and Getting Sick – Most freelancer work at home and some of them just work whenever they feel to. The chance of getting sick or getting into an accident is really low. However, there is a tendency to get fat / obese especially if you are not working out.

5. Break Schedule – If you are working in a call centre industry you’ll get a memo for over breaks. Some companies allow you to take your break at your most convenient time but within the 15 minute period. As a freelancer, you can get as many breaks as you want but make sure you go back to what you are doing. You can also sleep as many as you want.

6. Unpaid Tax – There is NO LAW in the Philippines that dictates those freelancers to pay their taxes and declare income of their online work. As a freelancer, you don’t need to stay in a long queue to file taxes in government offices. You are not required to provide receipts for your services. Although it is nice to file taxes as a reference for your loan and business presence.

7. Travel at your own expense / Travel at the expense of your client – Many freelancers can travel across the world because of their earning. They also do not need to file leave to any company. Some clients are generous they sponsor travel especially going to their offices/factory abroad.

8. More time to Exercise – Since you manage to save time going to work it is better to stay healthy and fit. Most freelancers forget this benefit and usually use the same time to sleep or play an online game. I am also guilty of not doing any exercise in a day but again it won’t harm to become fit.

9. Avoid Gossip – Office Gossip or even the Gossip in the neighbourhood. Since you are virtually working with the client you won’t hear any office gossip. If you stay at home working all day you won’t be hearing any Gossip as well in the neighbourhood.

10. Secured Home Office – You know that crime is everywhere. For me becoming a freelancer the best perk is I can secure my home, myself and my family in mostly staying at home. If there is someone at home maybe 70 percent of robbery/theft would not dare to steal from your home.

I may have listed 10 perks/benefits working as a freelancer. If you will think and list down other things you’ll gain there could be hundreds. I hope you enjoy working as a freelancer.

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