Freelancing on Mobile Device

Freelancing Mobile Device (Shut Up! And Yes!). You are in Luck! I searched and listed six things you can do even without a computer. Yes even without a computer and do it part time or full time.


Smart Phone, Internet, Load (Minutes)

I’ve listed a few below and possible to add more if I think worth to do using the mobile phone.

1. Loading Center – Smart, Globe and Sun. – Retailer Sim is now available in SM business centre. What is good about it is that you only pay for the load that you bought for the SIM. Unlike with other sellers, you need to purchase the SIM for a higher value before you can buy the retail load.

2. Coins.Ph app – Load, Payment Portal, Bitcoin, Remittance – It is a free app unlike with retailer sims you need to buy each sim for each network but with you can load all networks. Transferring money to user is also possible. If you want to earn more then use their payment portal. You can get as much as 5 pesos per transaction and 100 pesos for 5 unique bills and wait there is more. Click here and Complete your profile and get your extra 50 pesos.

3. UBER/GRAB CAR – provided you have a car and you are good at making it clean all the time. You may start registering with Grab or Uber.

For Driver with Car registering, He should meet the following requirements to join:

At least 18 years old
Has a Professional Driver’s License
Has a valid NBI Clearance

If you are a registered member of either GRAB/UBER. Do not forget to look and smell clean all the times and provide an exceptional customer service or else it would reflect the company and other driver’s reputation. And one more BE HONEST to all of your customer.

4. Video Blogger – or they call themselves VLOGGER. In video blogging, you may not earn right away but if you are consistent in what you do later on you’ll get the chance to earn through advertisements. If your phone has a good memory you can edit your videos with apps downloaded from App Store.

5. Mystery Shopper – If you really like window shopping these are the best freelancer for you. There are companies who are looking for mystery shoppers in order for them to test the skills of their front-liners. What is good about being a mystery shopper is that you can try/test the products they sell for free and you can get them reprimanded if they didn’t give a good customer service.

My advice for mystery shoppers is to understand the client expectation and ensure that everything is recorded.

6. Online Selling – sell items online – Lastly, sometimes you just need Facebook to sell your products. Usually, those unique and cute items are always sold online. If you still have items that you barely use then sell it to your neighbour or friends to gain capital. It is better to look for trending items on the internet and look for a better version and price.

At the end of the day, you just need to utilize all of your resources even if it is just your mobile phone. I wrote this article for the same reason if I don’t have any computer for work or for me to earn extra money. Sometimes the best thing to use for extra income is those that we use in our daily lives.

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