About Us

I, Niel Valerio the founder and owner of BrilliantBuddha.com. My experience and my stay with different industries increased my skills in the following: Vendor Management, Customer Service, Business Development, Operations, Process Improvement, Data Analysis, Supply Chain, Procurement, Web Design, Performance Management. Strategic Sourcing, Sales, and Marketing.

I may have worked with different companies and may have learned through the years but I also need your expert advice on something you are really good at. I am willing to share all that I know so far and I hope you do your part as well.

My Goal is to bring your freelancing to the next level. I want you to meet and exceed your own expectations. I created this website is for you to learn from experts, share your knowledge and develop your skills.

My vision is to have more members in our social media community and to have a great place to train those who wanted to learn. I also see myself acquiring assets for freelancers by the end of the year 2020.

My values starts by valuing and empowering our followers, group members, by teaching/training quality and excellence on what they do (what we do, we must do it well), by striving to create mutually fulfilling relationships and partnerships, by celebrating each and everyone success and learn from each mistakes as a team.