Things you need to know before quitting your job

Quitting Job?....At first, there are a lot of perks you can get by becoming a freelancer or what they call digital nomad. You can get to work wherever you are.

You are your own boss and the best is that you manage your own time. Yeah, it sounds really good right but here are the following you need to know or consider.

  • 1. Source of income: saying I quit and passing a resignation letter or getting terminated is easy. However, you need to think where the hell you are going to get money to pay your bills. Bills are recurring monthly and your savings might not be enough.

I suggest you prepare a six (6) month budget saving plus an extra month in case it would take time for you to get a client. You don’t have to worry about paying bills.

2. Procrastination. As a freelancer, you handle your own schedule to do things however it seems that you are becoming off the weather and a task that you must do today you assigned it the following day.

Every day could be a struggle for you especially doing your things to do but nothing is being done. Now that there is no manager or supervisor to check so what you did was play mobile games all the time. Later on, you forgot the day passes by and the list of task is still there.

To avoid procrastination is to do your task in a timely manner (what needs to do should be done). You’ll be more productive if you ensure the quality of your work so you won’t end up repeating the same task.

3. Motivation to Continue. There are times that you cannot land on a well-paid task. The fact that you’ve done all of my suggestion to make your outstanding profile. You created a goal driven proposal and yet you didn’t even have a chance to get to client interview.

The question is who will push you to keep going? no one but YOU. List down what will motivate you. Make it a habit to tell yourself why you need to move forward. What exactly your dream and what would happen if you achieve that dream.

You are also not alone in this world there are online freelance communities where you can ask question, guidance and assistance. Be inspired and be motivated with their stories.

Let’s view the other side of the story you’ve done well but no one’s going to pat your back for doing a great job unless emailed or recommended by a client. I suggest you celebrate success with people you care. Lastly, do not forget to update your profile every time you accomplished a project with a client.

4. Low Self Confidence. Since you’ll be the one to do your own marketing. You need to talk more in-front of your monitor about your product or services. You need to talk about what are you selling to everyone or what exactly your business is.

People will say you are crazy but by practising you’ll be more confident the time you meet with your potential client. Don’t be frustrated if you are not able to close a deal. Learn from that experience and put in mind that it was not a mistake but an opportunity to grow.

  • 5. JOBLESS. This is what people will think about you. This is our culture if they do not see you commute for work they’ll say a lot of things like lazy, irresponsible, bum etc. If they know you work at home they will still have something to say. It is because they are insecure that you don’t experience heavy traffic or they are insecure that you don’t pay big taxes.

There are two things you can do about it. One is to avoid boasting how much you earn on what you do. Second if asked what do you do it is best to talk about getting featured on TV. It’s a good thing that the mainstream media featured how freelancers earned their money.

6. Benefits. If you are employed your company shoulder a percentage of your government mandatory benefits. If you decide to become a freelancer you will be the one to pay the whole contribution amount as self-employed. Even though that it is optional I suggest you still pay your contribution in time.

There other benefits that you need to shoulder in full amount, for example, your health insurance, accident and life insurance etc. You need to prepare this for retirement or unexpected illness.

7. Technology. Computer with Good Memory and Internet with Good Connection Speed both upload and download. Most of the freelance work is a different platform that requires internet such as LinkedIn, Upwork, Freelancer.Com.

Nowadays client uses email and online communication tools such as Skype, Whatsapp, Fb Messenger and etc.  rather using a mobile phone. It is important that while you are working you invest in things that you can use when you are out of work.

I’ve listed 7 things you need to know before you quit your work and become a full-time freelancer. It is really risky to quit right away if you do not know what will happen to you. This list could be a guide for you on what you need to do and what are things you need to prepare before becoming a freelance worker.

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